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    Rubber Magnet

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    Rubber Magnet is a kind of ferrite magnetic material series. It is made of bonded ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic rubber. It is made of soft, elastic and twistable by extrusion, calendering and injection molding. Magnet. It can be processed into strips, rolls, sheets, blocks, rings and various complex shapes.
    It is practical that it is widely used in refrigerators, message sign stands, fasteners that fix objects to metal bodies for use in advertising, etc., and magnetic sheets for toys, teaching instruments, switches, and sensors. Mainly used in micro-motors, refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, kitchen cabinets, toys, stationery, advertising and other industries.
    The rubber magnet is made with strict standards as well as high quality control to make sure its superior quality and easy operation. And it is produced by our company which is one of the reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China , which is available to provide the wholesale service that you can buy from our factory.