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    Magnet the importance of industry

    Dongyang Aviation Magnetic Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

    Production with market demand, and the rapid growth of the society, magnet magnet's main industry is to continue to maintain a rapid development trend, as the industry-leading, growth prospects are very bright

    As currently planned new maglev trains operate mileage calculation is expected in 2010-2020, this ten-year period, new sites will increase more than 2,600 industrial magnet market capacity of more than 3 million square meters. Plus the city tunnel, underground pedestrian passageway construction of underground traffic facilities such as huge demand for quite some time in the future, industrial magnet market demand will maintain a rapid growth trend.

    Powerful magnet for industrial use is the development of new functional magnet material most mature part of underground space interior landscape design has become the preferred material used in magnetic levitation train in China's rapidly expanding and synchronized with the construction pace of the magnetic levitation train in China. Magnet elements is one of the industrial products to protect magnet materials, widely used in power plants, energy-saving facilities, coal-fired power plants. Over a long period, coal-fired power plants will continue to be the power supply and continue to grow. Therefore, strong magnet corrugated plate heat transfer component has a huge market space, and with the growth of investment in electric power demand will be further promoted.